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Fr. John Bonavitacola A Letter from Fr. John

06-26-2016Fr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

I realize the future usually gets a bad rap since none of us will actually live through it all. But if we "read the writing on the wall", to use a nice biblical phrase (via the Prophet Daniel), the walls are collapsing in the present. The immediate future is looking very stormy. When Jesus was accused of casting out demons by the power of Satan, he pointed out the absurdity of that position, saying, "a house divided against itself can not stand".

Case in point the explanations given for the Orlando massacre have an Alice-in-Wonderland sort of perspective. First the NY Times claimed, "…while we don't know for certain the motives of the shooter". Really? The shooter called 911 and a TV Station, saying he was the shooter, pledged his allegiance to ISIS, was doing this for Allah and wanted the US to stop bombing Syria and Iraq. But why take him at his word when your editors have clairvoyant powers. The Times and many others divined the real motives of the shooter: homophobic violence inspired by Christian opposition to the redefinition of marriage. It was really the ghost of the late Justice Scalia possessing the shooter.



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