Everyday Stewardship

12-17-2017Stewardship Reflection

A key facet of stewardship has always been personal witness. Today’s readings deal in large part with the witness of John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist, according to historians, was a few months older than Jesus. It is also generally accepted that he began preaching about six months before Jesus came to him to be baptized and to begin His ministry.

St. John the Baptist pointed to Jesus as the Messiah. John the Baptist, through personal witness, raised a great sense of expectancy and excitement, the kind of expectancy and excitement that we associate with this season of Advent. John tries to awaken in people a consciousness of sin, the importance of conversion and change, and the need to become more holy in God’s eyes.

Those are the same goals we should have during this Advent season. The matter of witness is a serious and important thing. It establishes truth and a solid foundation for faith. When we personally witness, it means we make a commitment. We cannot be neutral when it comes to our faith. We are called to be disciples, witnesses of and for Christ. We best accomplish that by the ways we live our own lives and how we relate to and treat others.

Jesus can meet our every need. Now is the time for us to accept that and to place our total trust in Him. We can do that best by making our own commitment to be His disciple, a witness to Who He is and what He means to us and all people.