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Still Respecting Life

10-06-2013Fr. John LettersFr. John

Dear Friends,

40 years since Roe v Wade and we celebrate another Respect Life Sunday in October. Obviously we’re in it for the duration. But I wonder about the pro-abortion side? As of the most recent count 44 Abortion Clinics have closed this year alone. Good. This is happening mainly due to more restrictive laws that require abortion clinics to operate according to the same standards that other medical clinics are required to uphold. As we saw in the horrific case of the abortionist Kermit Gosnell even simple sanitary standards are often ignored by abortion clinics.

Many states, including Arizona passed legislation requiring a licensed MD be present during abortions. Sounds reasonable yet the blowback has been fierce and the lawsuits came tumbling in. One of the reasons the abortion clinics objected so loudly to this simple and reasonable request was that as it turns out there are very few physicians who are willing to perform abortions. Hence a requirement to have a licensed medical doctor in attendance slows up the abortion factory disassembly line.

As a result legislation has been introduced in California to allow non-physicians to perform non-surgical abortions. Basically any one who knows how to use a vacuum suction would be eligible. The irony here is that the pro abortion side accuses the pro life side of wanting women to go back to having “back-alley abortions with coat hangers” while if this legislation is passed that is exactly what will happen. So once again who cares more for the well being and health of women? The side that wants no physicians around or the side that wants to make sure a doctor safeguards a woman’s health?

Then to show how fierce the illogic that Roe v Wade hoisted upon our society, there’s this interesting tidbit. In Washington DC, new legislation is being proposed to require a twenty-four hour waiting period before getting… a tattoo. Not only that but the new law would also make it a crime for anyone to tattoo someone under 18yrs old even with parental consent. Now doesn’t that seem familiar? One of the strategies of the Pro-Life movement is to insist on a twenty-four hour waiting period before an abortion and in the case of minors to require parental consent/notification. Yet when we suggest this, the outcry is strong and fierce: “you are interfering with a woman’s right”. However tattooing a body deserves more protection and forethought than an abortion? Well isn’t this interfering with someone’s right to do something they might forever regret as well?

Yet the DC City Council, which distains waiting periods for abortions and parental notification, sees no trouble with legislating a waiting period for tattoos and outlawing them for all minors. Talk about getting your priorities backward!

The same backwardness seems to apply to our federal leaders as well. While they have been rightly concerned about the use of chemical weapons in Syria they seem to forget that through Roe v Wade the government of the US has permitted a chemical war to be waged on human fetuses in the womb through chemical abortions. These are every bit as painful and torturous as being exposed to sarin gas. Syria isn’t the only country that has committed atrocities against innocent, vulnerable human beings.

So 40 yrs later we continue to try and ban chemical weapons used against our unborn children and we shall not be moved. Many thanks to all who are participating in the 40days for Life Campaign. This year we have been joined by many other Churches, Catholic and non-Catholic so our presence at the Abortion Mill on Apache Blvd. is quite visible. As a result from our last effort many children were saved and women were given hope and new possibilities. Though the effort is hard and requires prayer, it has eternal consequences.

Fr. John B.