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My Grown up Christmas List

12-15-2013Fr. John LettersFr. John

Dear Friends,

You may remember the famous NY Sun editorial, "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus". What you may not remember though is that You ARE HE! So in light of that here is my Christmas list:

Dear OLMC Santa(s),

Santa did you know that you could double your gift giving this year? And it won't cost you anything. Just purchase all gifts with gift cards sold through our Food For Thought Program. That's 2x's the giving!

And ho, ho, ho did you know that the end of the year is coming and you can donate to the parish's Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School (#122) through Catholic Education Arizona ( and get a full tax credit when you file your state income taxes. (And by the way you also get a tax deduction on your federal income taxes.)

And if you still have AZ taxes you paid or owe you can donate some of that to St. Vincent de Paul Society or Catholic Charities, Aid to Women Center or Maggie's Place and get still another tax credit ( and ( QualifyingCharitableOrganization.aspx)

So far Santa by just doing that you would be giving me a whole lot. But none of that has cost you a single penny and I know how very generous you are. So here are other gift ideas:

Donate to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel's new Hospice Fund

Donate to our School's AC Replacement Fund, I know you said you would give $10,000 towards this if we get a matching $10,000 (so far we've replaced 6 out of 20 units)

Donate to our FullCircle Youth at Risk Program, its really growing, lots of families have been helped this year and several other parishes in the US want us to help them set one up!

All these of course are tax deductible.

And while you are shopping with those Food for Thought Gift Cards pick up some extra gifts that we could use for our Auction at our Parish Festival in April. Oh and don't forget to purchase some Super Raffle Tickets for our Festival, they make great stocking stuffers and who ever wins that $25,000 will really, really like you.

On a more personal note, and I have been really good this year, so check me for nice not naughty (these Santas know who you are!): a pot roast, those nice thin butter cookies, pizzelles, virgin chocolate chip cookies, good & spicy tamales, a chocolate roll cake like my grandmother used to make, and of course vanilla buttercreams.

Still wanting that Maserati…

Love, Fr. John B.