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Teaching the Wrong Lessons

05-11-2014Fr. John LettersFr. John

Dear Friends,

A few recent headlines in the news show a rather disturbing trend in the lessons we teach our children. In one case a high school honor student took a picture with her phone of an image that was projected on the screen in the classroom. The image was pornographic and was generated from the teacher's computer. The student was promptly suspended. In another case a student recorded with his phone or i-pad an incident of bullying that was happening to him. The student was not only suspended but also charged with the crime of clandestine recording.

While I suppose the school administrators in these cases had what they considered good reasons for the actions they took they seemed to wildly miss the bigger picture. What lessons are they teaching their students?

The students in these cases pretty much walk away from these "learning" experiences thinking that adults are a bunch of liars who can't be trusted. Adults look out for themselves first and will throw children under the bus to protect their agenda. And worse, when students do the right thing they will be punished. So why listen to adults? Any wonder we have behavior problems in our schools?

Added to these incidents are multiple stories I read about students at the elementary level being told that they can not use the Bible or anything that mentions God or religion as subjects for school reports. How does a parent who incorporates religion into their life explain that to their child? If you are going to be punished in school for your belief in God why believe?

My sympathies go out to parents who have to send their children to these schools. It seems their children might get a better lesson in logic from a mental ward than their school. At least in a mental ward you have an excuse for insane behavior.

What may be worse is that all too often schools and school boards are impervious to the concerns of parents. It is no longer a case of "father knows best" but school board knows best. In some cases school boards and school administrators are almost condescending to parental concerns and seem to have a mission to purge children of the values their parents have taught them. Schools are more and more becoming laboratories of social engineering of progressive, anti-family and anti-faith agendas. The result is that our children are being given two messages: one at home and one at school, neither of which they are taking seriously.

While we might not be able to do much about changing how our schools operate (other than using private or charter schools or home schooling) we certainly can teach our children that all adults are not crazy liars who can't be trusted. The best way to do that is to make sure you never lie to your children and so preserve the trust they have in you. Secondly try your best to give them love and logic. They may not always like the answers you give but they will at least see the logic in them and the love behind them.

Love, Fr. John B.

P.S. I highly recommend viewing the film "God is not Dead" especially if you are sending your child on to college. It's a good reminder of the real cost of a college education.