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Withholding Nothing

10-17-2014Fr. John LettersFr. John

Dear Friends,

On the southeast entrance to our Church is a small plaque remembering the Hughes Family who in the 1950's donated the 10 acres on which our campus sits. It's a small reminder of a big gift. Ten acres of empty desert may not seem like much but it was a huge kick-starter for the community of Mt. Carmel to begin to build its new home.

On those ten acres a convent was built to house the sisters who taught our children in the school that was soon constructed. Afterwards a Hall was built, a rectory and finally in 1968 the Church. After that a few other buildings were added to complete the campus. Amazingly the buildings were completed and paid for in record time. All at a time when the number of parishioners at Mt. Carmel were much smaller than they are today.

But putting up buildings is only one part of building a parish community. Making sure the community that inhabits those buildings is a living and growing community, that is a visible sign of Christ' presence, is a whole other task. It is easy to measure the buildings and properties but much harder to measure the faith of the community.

Yet that is what this year's Annual Stewardship Report does. What happens inside those buildings, have we truly built up the Body of Christ? The stories and events that are highlighted here are just a small portion of how we are Christ's presence to one another. All the usual measurements are here as well: the financial position of the Parish and School, the numbers of sacraments received, vocations and initiations but more importantly some of the faces and stories behind those numbers.

While it is important that you know how your donations are being spent it is more important to know the effect that stewardship has on the lives of others and this community.

From that point of view it was a good year, a very good year in fact. As we move to the future, like the generation that first built this campus we too are going to be called upon to rebuild some of the bricks and sticks on our campus and like the parishioners of the past we are always called to be and become the one Body of Christ.

Thank you for your faithful stewardship of our Parish and all its many ministries. "Well done good and faithful servants".

Fr. John B.

P.S. Please stop by PR-X: Withholding Nothing to pick up a copy of our Annual Stewardship Report which includes the Pastoral and Financial status of the Parish as of June 30, 2014.