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Noticed or Not

08-30-2015Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

The young Americans, all right! By that I mean the three young men who stopped a would-be terrorist on a Paris bound train. Made my heart swell. And they were all very humble about it. Which is a good reminder for us Christians of Jesus words when we do any act of service: "don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing". It's not about being noticed just doing the right thing.

Which is pretty much what happened at last week's protest at Planned Parenthood. Over 1,100 of you showed up, young and old and in-between at the Tempe Clinic. But that was just a small sliver of the tens of thousands that showed up across the country at over 250 abortion clinics. Despite that impressive showing the local and national media didn't seem to notice much.

Since the release of the videos revealing how PP dissects born and unborn babies and sells the body parts there has been a media blackout by many of the outlets. Why? Well it seems many of the media companies have an incestuous relationship with Planned Parenthood. Many of the owners of various media outlets are large donors to PP as well as the charitable foundations run by media outlets such as the NY Times Company Foundation. Also many current and former PP executives sit on the Boards that own major media outlets. Likewise many of the largest Foundations, such as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who are big supporters of abortion give large sums of money to PP while at the same time give money to media outlets. Just two examples: Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation is on the Board of Directors of Comcast, which owns NBC. Monica Lozana is on the Board of Directors at both Disney, which owns ABC, and the Rockefeller Foundation. So no wonder the reluctance of much of the media to provide anything close to objective journalism when it comes to abortion. That's normally called a conflict of interest.

Despite the lack of media coverage many in the political class are hearing our voices. At this point some are expecting a showdown when Congress convenes again in September. Some say it could even lead to a government shut down. My own suggestion for Congress is to pass the President's Iran deal and attach to it an amendment defunding Planned Parenthood. If the President vetoes it he would be vetoing his own deal and at the same time showing that abortion is more important to him than world peace. The Iran deal is going to happen with or without Congressional approval since it is not a treaty but an executive agreement, so why not make the supporters of the deal choose between funding PP's human abattoir or funding Iran's nuclear program?

On the local front the state of Arizona issued an emergency administrative rule requiring that all Arizona abortion facilities report to the state how they dispose of fetal tissue from abortions. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly stated they do not have a "tissue donation" program in Arizona. Now, our state authorities will be able to determine the facts about what is happening or not happening at all Arizona abortion facilities.

Under this new rule, Arizona abortion providers must now give the state information on the final status of all fetal remains on a monthly basis. If a clinic transfers the fetal tissue to any third party, then the name, address, payment amount, and the informed consent agreement signed by the patient must be provided to the state.

In the meantime PP continues to claim that defunding it would shut down women's health care. But is that true? Not really there are plenty of Public Health Clinics all throughout the country where women can access low cost health care. Additionally the Affordable Care Act mandated those services be covered under all insurance plans. Plus there is a series of Centers across the country, often called Crisis Pregnancy Centers that provide healthcare and alternatives to abortion such as the Aid to Women Center, First Way and Life Choices Women's Clinic in the Phoenix area. These clinics provide healthcare options such as pregnancy tests, cancer screening, Pap smears etc. and charge less than a PP clinic and they do it without government funding.

As you can see from all of the above abortion continues to be a lighting rod of divisiveness in our country. In a word abortion poisons everything. Once again we will continue to fight until every human life no matter what stage of development or decline is cared for in practice and protected in law.

Fr. John B.