Holy Shroud continued, A Great Sign of Mercy and Hope that God wants to give us

04-23-2017The Sisters Corner

One of the most beautiful gifts that the Lord has left us is His Face and His Body imprinted on the Holy Shroud. This Sacred Icon of His Love to the end for humanity shows the marks that Jesus had on His entire His Body due to the suffering and His crucifixion.

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday and as we are living together the Passion and the Resurrection of the Lord, we consider the Holy Shroud as a very strong sign for not forgetting how much He loves us.

Continuing with the last meditation of this beautiful sign, we want to share with you some other thoughts that we, as Servants of the Plan of God, have about it.

This Sacred Icon of God’s love shows us the marks of suffering that Jesus had for our salvation and also we consider it as a sign of hope. This image was able to be printed because of the supernatural energy coming from the resurrection of Jesus. It reminds us that Jesus is alive! And also, that suffering and death does not have the last word! Jesus gave us the possibility of going to heaven. In every difficult or in every painful moment we are reminded that this is just a part of this life and that there is a heaven and it is waiting for us if we join our lives to Jesus. The power of the resurrection speaks to us of a God that is alive and can do everything with His power in our lives and through us we can give this hope and joy to others.

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