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08-06-2017Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

This is a Save the Date Letter. Lots of upcoming events here at the Parish. First please plan to join us on August 15 the Feast Day of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is also the anniversary of the founding of the Servants of the Plan of God, so it is a big day for our five Sisters. Bishop Olmsted will be here to celebrate Mass at 7pm on Tuesday the 15th. We should all take this time to express our gratitude to the Sisters and the Servants for sending them to us!

In September, we will host the 5th Encuentro for Hispanic/Latino Ministry. This is part of a national effort by the US Bishops to help bring 18-26yr olds back to the Church, particularly those of Hispanic background but not limited to them. So, we are partnering with the ASU Newman Center and St. Tim's to invite single and married young people between the ages of 18 and 26 yrs old so that we can listen to their concerns and experiences about the Church. This is a listening time only, not a hard sell to young people. This will help us form a pastoral plan at the Parish and Diocesan level to engage the youth of today. So, if you know any young people, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc. please invite them. More info will be coming shortly with a Flyer to give out.

As we continue with the centennial celebration of the Apparitions at Fatima Bishop Olmsted designated our parish to host one of the six statues that Pope Francis blessed and sent throughout the world from October 25 to October 27. This will be an opportunity for us as a Parish to consecrate ourselves to the Virgin of Fatima and ask her assistance in being faithful disciples of her Son.

Also on November 11 we will host our Annual FullCircle Banquet, this year it will be held here at the Parish. This is a way for us to celebrate with the many families that have been helped and also a chance for the young people in the FullCircle Program to celebrate their new-found way of life. Please plan to join us for a wonderful evening on November 11.

On August 8th, our School opens for its 73rd consecutive year! We welcome Sr. Stephanie who will be teaching Spanish to the upper grades and Sr. Veronica who will be the Religion instructor for the 8th Grade. At the same time our Preschool begins as well for our 3-5yr olds. This year Sr. Maria Alejandra will be assisting in the Preschool! If you want to know more about our Elementary School or Preschool visit our website: or contact our Principal, Mr. Bruce Hermie at 480.967.5567, or our Preschool Director, Mrs. Monica Ferrance, at 480.966.1753.

It is also time for our RCIA Process to begin as the journey into the Church starts for many non-Catholics. It is important to remember, that it is the community that is always the first and primary minister for the RCIA. In other words, your witness and welcome greatly helps those who are discerning God's will for them. So please pray for them and make sure to reach out and welcome them. Normally they will attend the 9am Mass on Sundays as a group. The catechetical sessions are on Tuesdays and anyone is welcomed to attend on any of the various topics you might want to learn more about yourself. Just visit our Parish website for a full schedule. Sr. Maria Jose will be leading the group this year and if you would like to be a sponsor or godparent please contact her.

Finally, our Religious Education Program kicks off on August 13. Sr. Maria Cristina will lead the program once again. If your child is not enrolled in our school and you would like to have him or her begin the process of religious formation or continue with it please visit our website to register for the program.

As always lots happening here at Mt. Carmel. Thank you for your faithful stewardship that allows us to continue to do the work of ministry and build up the Kingdom here in Tempe.

Love, Fr. John B.