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PP Can Run But Not Hide

11-05-2017Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Even though another Respect Life Month has come and gone, our 40 Days for Life is still going strong. Thank you for your support. The relocation of the Planned Parenthood Clinic to Baseline and McClintock presents some challenges, and the design of the plaza obstructs our visibility to those entering the clinic and from offering sidewalk counseling to those who want options. In order to increase visibility, the Aid to Women Center is opening an additional site right next door to the Planned Parenthood Clinic! In the short time the new Aid to Women Center (it will continue to operate at the Apache Road location) was opened next door to the former PP Clinic on Apache Road, it provided many, many women options which they never knew existed. It made a dent in the abortion business at that clinic. As the saying goes, PP can run, but it cannot hide.

The new Aid to Women Center will be at 1849 East Baseline Road, right next door to the Abortion Clinic. It will be staffed by an RN and provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling to women to provide alternatives to abortion. This location will greatly assist in intercepting women headed for an abortion and give them information and an opportunity to make a real choice. If you have worked on the front lines, you know that many women have no idea there are other resources available to them or that there are people who are willing to walk with them through their pregnancy and beyond. The pro-abortion side always brags about being “pro-choice;” well, here is their opportunity to really give women a choice and not a one-sided argument. We have no problem competing with them. We will make the argument in favor of life and if someone rejects it, then it is on us. This has always been a battle to win the hearts and minds of all people. An even playing field is what we ask.

The Aid to Women Center needs our help to get this up and running. They are looking for Room Donors as they did with the Clinic on Apache Road. You can have a room at the new Center dedicated to you or a loved one or a special group. They also need volunteers who are willing to work at the Clinic (4 hour shifts) and provide sidewalk counseling (training will be available). If you are interested in either, contact Stephanie Gray at Also, if you go to their website, they always have a list of needed items such as diaper bags (and all that goes into them) or strollers, etc.

Once again, we have an opportunity to put our faith into action. Because of the close proximity of Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Abortion Clinics, thousands of lives have been saved and thousands of women have been spared the pain of abortion. It is especially important for us to maintain a strong presence at the new location as it is the only abortion clinic in the East Valley that performs surgical abortions.

As always, our presence there is peaceful and prayerful. We do not argue or fight with anyone who disagrees with us. Sometimes the pro-choice crowd shows up with a bullhorn and says some pretty despicable things to us. Well, as Jesus said, “Blessed are you when they say all kinds of evil things about you because of me.”
Fear not, we can turn things around. Across the board, abortions are declining and abortion clinics are closing. And in a surprising turn of events, DHS, the Department of Health and Human Services, the same department that the Little Sisters of the Poor had to sue in Federal Court for violating their religious rights, has issued a draft of a strategic 5 year plan that among its goals is a dedication to serve all Americans from conception to natural death. Wow, that phrasing should sound familiar. It might become the official policy of our Federal Department of Health that life begins at conception. That would finally be in sync with biological science.

The Aid to Women Center has been going strong for the past 32 years. It was started mainly by parishioners from here at Mt. Carmel. Some are still around; many have passed on. So now it is up to another generation of parishioners to continue the work of the Clinic.

Love, Fr. John B.

P.S. Twitter continues to ban Pro-Life Ads, particularly from the pro-life group Live Action, on its platform all the while allowing Planned Parenthood to place ads. Ask Twitter to stop censuring Pro-Life Ads by tweeting them @support.