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Formation Time- Apostolic Experience

11-05-2017The Sisters Corner

As you may already be aware we have two more sisters here with us! Sister Maria Gracia and Sister Alejandra. Both of them are novices and are in their 3rd year of formation. In our community, as we begin to live our consecrated life we live in the formation house, located in Lima, Peru. We live in a communitarian environment of prayer and study for three years.

Through this formation we contemplate the spiritual and liturgical life. We contemplate self-knowledge and go on spiritual retreats. We deepen in the faith of the Church, with study and we further our intellectual formation. We participate in sports, development of artistic and musical capabilities as well as being information for the apostolate.

In our third year of formation, we do an apostolic experience. It can be in Peru or in other countries where our community is located. This is a very special time, where one can get to know more about the different ministries that we do around the world. It also helps us to become more aware of the apostolic dimension of our vocation as Servants of the Plan of God. We ask for prayers for each one of the sisters and we encourage you to meet them!

Next week we are going to share more about them. 

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