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More Christmas traditions to share with you!

12-24-2017The Sisters Corner

More Christmas traditions to share with you! Jesus has come as a little child for us!!!

What a day to be joyful! With the lights in our home, the Christmas tree, the decorations inside the house, the supper with all our family, everything makes sense when we recognize that He is the light of the World that has come for us as  THE Life, in the image of a little child, the Love himself. 

Since we were little children, right at midnight or just before or after our Christmas dinner, and after going to Mass, we return home and say a prayer while we put the Child Jesus in the Nativity Scene. With joyful Christmas songs, we celebrate that moment and give thanks to the Lord for all His blessings for our family and community.

Now that we live in community with our sisters, we like to have our Christmas Mass together, we have our time in prayer in Adoration to the Child Jesus as well as singing Christmas songs from our different countries. It's a beautiful time for us to give thanks to the Lord for His love for each one of us individually and as a community.

We pray that the Lord Jesus continues to bless your family and for the grace for us to continue to be loved and converted by Him. Merry Christmas!