The Sisters Corner

Enjoy re-reading the weekly reflections from the Sisters of The Servants of the Plan of God.

It's Been a Blessing

01-21-2018The Sisters Corner

Sister Alejandra and I are so grateful to God and to all of you for the time we have spent here in Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

This has been our home for the last couple of months, and I feel blessed for being able to meet each and every one of you. You have taught me so much through your kind smiles, your generosity and your loving efforts and commitment to the Lord at this parish. I thank Him for putting you in my life, and I will always carry you in my heart and cherish every experience together.

This time has been wonderful, and God has made me immensely happy by living out my vocation, sharing with you and seeing the amazing things that He does in our lives. I will pray that He will always be the center of your hearts and lives,. And now I go back to the formation house with a greater love for Him and for our mission. 

Pray for us too, for our last months of our formation and also for our next mission. And let's keep in touch! You can always count on us, on our friendship and prayers, and if you ever visit Peru, we'll welcome you with open arms.

We love you all!