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Pope Francis in Peru

02-11-2018The Sisters Corner

When Pope Francis, traveled to Peru in early January, I, Sr. Maria Cristina, had the opportunity to go for two weeks to a conference for priests and religious sisters in my hometown.

During the conference, our pope encouraged us to always share the joy of Christ with others saying – This joy opens us up to others; it is a joy to be shared.  In the fragmented world in which we live, a world that can make us withdrawn, we are challenged to become builders and prophets of community" and he also said that it is always good to go back and remember the first moment we realized God was calling us to this beautiful vocation.

That same day, Pope Francis crowned one of the most important statues of Mary in our town. He said: “Mary continues to defend us and point out the gate that opens for us the way to authentic life, to the Life that does not pass away. She walks beside every one of her children, in order to lead them home”.

This was a great experience for me, I keep all his words in my heart and I brought them with me to Arizona, because I believe those are the words God inspired him to tell us.  So let us ask the Lord to keep helping us to be good witnesses of His love and to keep working with the whole Church, to build His kingdom here on earth.