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Look at This!

02-04-2018The Sisters Corner

As many of you already know, Sr. Maria Gracia and Sr. Alejandra returned to Lima-Peru in order to complete their formation time. They returned with many good experiences and are so thankful for the warm reception and hospitality they received while they were here with us...Thank you all so much for that!! 

Before they left, they told us that even if they don't know what His mission is for them, they have you all in their hearts and prayers. They went to the final Mass with the Pope in Lima and look at this picture....!!!! In the poster, they say: "We offer this Mass with Pope Francis for everyone from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish and School". 

Receive all these prayers from them and please in return, while they complete the final phase of their formation,  pray for this very special time that they will have in the formation house.

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