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Let’s Keep Our Hearts Warm to the Needs of Our Brothers and Sisters

03-04-2018The Sisters Corner

This Lent, God asks each of us to have our hearts opened to receive His grace and, as Pope Francis has said, “to keep it not cold for the needs of our brothers and sisters, especially those who are poor.”

Today we share with you some of the service and evangelization that our sisters in our community perform in Angola, Africa. In Angola, Africa,  one of our sisters is working in a hospital as a doctor. The need there is very vast. Daily she treats babies and children who are malnourished and with many diseases that perhaps in our countries people would not die of. In Angola, they die due to the shortage of medicines.

Some of our sisters work in pastoral care and in the campaigns and missions in the poorest of villages.

Faith in Angola is strong, but because of the lack of formation in the faith, many are attracted to other beliefs. For this reason, our sisters have formation courses for young Catholic leaders as well as preparation courses for the sacraments.

Please, pray for this beautiful mission, especially for those who are most in need. In doing so we give Him the what is most important,  our faith and through it, the Love of God to others in our service. 

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