Our Hope is Here

04-28-2018The Sisters Corner

Easter is a time of hope. The light of Christ’s Resurrection has overcome all darkness. So, what is hope?

Hope is theological virtue; a gift bestowed by God through which one trusts God will grant us eternal life. Our hope is deposited in God’s promises to take us to heaven. This very hope brings us joy, a joy so deep that no one can take it away.  Our work is to never lose this hope and to let it shine through us.

One of the ways we have as a community to keep this hope shining is through the Eucharist; in the silence of His Presence He whispers to us, and yet sometimes loudly says to us, “I am alive, I’m here with you and I love you!” Another way to keep this hope alive is to have what we call “vision of eternity” which means that, every action we do with love, as little as it seems sometimes, is getting us closer to heaven. 

This is not always easy, we repeatedly ask God to help us, because without His grace there is nothing we can do. Regardless if we succeed or if we have failed the sun will always come out! Just as God’s love for us never ends! If you ever need to remember that, look at the sky because though it may be cloudy the sun will always be shining behind!

Let’s not let anything take away the joy of Easter. Let God’s resurrection power shine through us!