A Note from Sr. Maria Jose!

06-17-2018The Sisters Corner

On May 20, Sister Cristina and I traveled with a group of 10 students from Arizona State University to Kingston, Jamaica. 

The theme for our mission trip “Love never fails” (1 Cor 13:8) we spent a week serving with the Brothers “Missionaries of the Poor” who have 7 shelters for abandoned people, most of which have mental or physical disabilities, as well as other diseases.

We had the opportunity to work in a different shelter every day and to do most of the works of mercy like to feed the hungry, to give a drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick… 

It was a blessing to be available to serve our poorest brothers and sisters with the students. Most of the students had never been out of the country, nor ever had the chance to experience material poverty that many of the people in countries like Jamaica and in many other places of the world live in. 

We were able to reflect with them about the reality of poverty and the importance of going back home with a different view so that we could also touch the poverty in which some of the American people live in. A poverty that most of the times is less “visible”, but even though no less important! ( I am referring to the spiritual poverty.)

We thank God for this wonderful experience that gave us the opportunity to continue opening our eyes to a world that suffers and needs the love of God.

A Note from….. Claire (OLMC parishioner who benefited from OLMC sponsors while on  this mission)

“I am grateful to God for the opportunity to have served in this way, because upon my return, I have never had a closer relationship with the Lord. I know I speak for myself and all of the people who attended this trip when I say that the Lord has given us a very strong conviction. So thank you OLMC parishioners for all of your support. You have helped the Lord deepen our conviction to serve the Lord through an unending charity -  because love never fails.”