Time to Say Goodbye

07-29-2018The Sisters CornerSr. Veronica

Dear OLMC Family,

The time has come for me to say goodbye!! I will keep in my heart everything that God allowed me to live here. I truly believe in the perfection of God’s Will, and I can say for sure He wanted me here to see the blessings of His Plan for the community and for the Parish-School family.

I would like to express everything that I have in my heart with a deep THANK YOU to everyone. Thank you for opening your hearts to the community, to me. I feel so much part of it!!! This Parish/School community is a real blessing for the Diocese! So, that means that every one of you who are building this Body of Christ is truly a blessing. I have been touched so many times for the beautiful testimony you have given to me, making ordinary actions with so much love. God has touched my heart through you: in the smiles of the kids, the beauty of the family, the elderly, all of you in the different ministries, the music that every Sunday helped me so much in my encounter with God, the wisdom coming from the pulpit, my delicious coffee after Sunday mass!

All of you are going to be in my heart but I will have a special place for every parent and kid of Full Circle!! I have seen sufferings and miracles in so many ways, I treasure everything in my heart! This is the beauty of life that God has given us. Our lives are like crossroads, we give and receive love and we keep going until one day we can all meet again in our final destination of this Pilgrimage, our ETERNAL HOME!

I will pray for OLMC!! Please pray for me!

Love you,

Sr. Veronica