God Bless America!

07-08-2018The Sisters Corner

We have recently celebrated the 4th of July. For most of us, it is only the second time to celebrate this holiday as we are new to your country, culture, and traditions which through the mission God has given us, has become our own. 

The country and mission was, and is still, very new for us, the culture and language are different from our countries but your warm welcome and your many gestures of love and kindness have made us experience the beauty of this country and thus loving it more. 

We are very thankful to God to see the testimony of Catholics in the U.S. We see many families sharing and living the faith in Jesus Christ in a very strong way, we have seen the generosity and the many efforts to help others in need. We have seen the love for evangelization and a big love for Jesus. We see a Church that is alive and wants to share their faith and we are happy to be part of this community. 

We hope you enjoyed the Independence Day celebrations with your family and friends!! Let's keep spreading the message of life and love of God! Let's make Him reign more and more in our Country!