Everyday Stewardship

08-12-2018Stewardship Reflection

“This is enough, O Lord! Take my life.” Talk about a bad day! Haven’t we all been through this at some point in our stewardship journey, whether in the parish ministry work we are trying to do, at home with our family or in our profession - we get worn out and worn down.

Elijah’s plea - melodramatic to be sure - is a form of the stewardship pillar of prayer, for prayer is simply lifting mind and heart to God. And God responds, sending restorative food and drink. Rejuvenated, Elijah is able to walk for 40 days until he arrives at the destination God had in mind for him all along!

Contrast this with the Gospel reading. The people, hearing Jesus’ message, do not understand. But rather than take their complaint to Him as Elijah did, they begin to complain amongst themselves about him - that’s murmuring, and it is counterproductive.

Feeling worn down at times is actually part of the stewardship journey. It means we are giving our all to the life God is calling us to live. But it is also a sign to us that we need to find new strength. How? Ask the Lord! He will meet your physical needs. Even more, He will send you His own Son, the Bread from Heaven, to strengthen you with the Eucharist and the living Word of the Scriptures.

A stewardship way of life takes all the strength we have to give. The beauty of this way of life is that we have a God who delights in giving us every bit of strength we need to live it!