Our mission in Ayaviri (Peru)

09-16-2018The Sisters Corner

Last Sunday we celebrated Grandparents Day, a beautiful day to remember and to celebrate who they are for each one of us in our families but also for the world. They have incredible wisdom and richness to share - fruit of lived experiences.

It is a good time to remember the elderly who are probably far away from their families, abandoned and lonely. In Ayaviri, a city in the highlands of Peru and amongst the poorest in the country, you can find these sad situations. We have a community of Sisters that live in this city. One of our missions is to visit the elderly people who have no family living nearby. We seek to announce that God’s love is always with us and to help them in their spiritual and material needs.

Let’s pray for the elderly, especially for those who are lonely. Let’s always see the great and beautiful value that they have for our lives!!