Siervas in concert!

09-30-2018The Sisters Corner

This past week our Sisters from the music band Siervas have been visiting and giving concerts in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. It's been a blessing to spread the Gospel to so many people and in so many different countries and cultures.


Our mission in Ayaviri (Peru)

09-16-2018The Sisters Corner

Last Sunday we celebrated Grandparents Day, a beautiful day to remember and to celebrate who they are for each one of us in our families but also for the world. They have incredible wisdom and richness to share - fruit of lived experiences.


Mission Trips

09-09-2018The Sisters Corner

These past weeks our sisters and volunteers from Chile, Ayacucho, Ayaviri and Lima (cities in Peru) have been serving in very poor places. They are very distant from the big cities and sometimes the help that they receive is not as much as they need. The faith of these people is very strong, especially in Ayacucho and Ayaviri.


Let the Little Children Come to Me

09-02-2018The Sisters Corner

“ Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Mt 19:14)

During these almost two years that I have been serving at OLMC, God has asked me to serve in the Religious Education program. This has been a blessing for me, and I’m honored God has trusted me with this mission. One of the things I like the most about working in RE is being able to witness God’s love for the children. He loves them very much! And it is beautiful to see how the children open up their own hearts to receive this love.