Poisonous By Nature

10-07-2018Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

The sagas of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the US Supreme Court and Dr. Kermitt Gosnell, convicted killer, both intersect over abortion and the mistreatment of women. Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist was convicted of the homicide of women on whom he performed abortions and the death of multiple infants, who were born alive. The fierce opposition to Kavanaugh is at its bottom line over abortion, specifically whether or not he represents the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Once again, we see how abortion poisons everything.

The treatment of the woman who alleged Judge Kavanaugh assaulted her shows how, as with abortion, women are too often used as pawns in pursuit of an ideological outcome. As I previously stated, sexual abuse allegations should be handled with the greatest of sensitivity and circumspection. There was no need for Dr. Ford to be paraded in front of the entire world in order to tell her side of the story. All that could have been done confidentially in a manner that respects the dignity of both the accuser and the accused. (Sen. Grassley offered to conduct the interview privately in California or privately in DC but Dr. Ford said she was not informed of those options by her lawyers.) It was done in circus style because politicians decided their need to stop Kavanaugh's confirmation and protect abortion outweighed Dr. Ford's need to retain her confidentiality and dignity.

The treatment of the women who came to Gosnell's abortion clinic is even more harrowing. Those who scream the loudest about protecting a "woman's reproductive health care" turned a blind eye to the mistreatment and abuse of women at Gosnell's clinic. The PA Agencies that oversee health care clinics, enforce health and safety codes refused to inspect Gosnell's clinic lest they do anything to interfere with a woman's right to abortion. They refused to inspect it even after receiving numerous complaints about the clinic. PA authorities were more concerned about possibly having to shut the clinic down and therefore limit access to abortion than protecting women from unsanitary conditions, infected surgical tools, botched abortions and the death of their infants born alive. The fact that PA had a law against late trimester abortions meant nothing to them. In the end they choose to sacrifice women's health on the altar of abortion.

You can learn all the details of this gruesome story by seeing the new film: Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer. In the end Gosnell got caught because his clinic was also a "Pill Mill" dispensing massive amounts of opioids. If the DEA had not raided his clinic, he might still be in the business of mistreating women.

In the frenzy to deny Judge Kavanaugh and his possible vote to undo Roe, abortion supporters did not hesitate to misuse Dr. Ford by exposing her and her family to a media circus and the hate and death threats that came with it. In their maniacal insistence that nothing interfere with abortion, its supporters continue to fight against any rational health and safety regulations that would protect the health and wellbeing of women who procure an abortion. Apparently being pro-abortion dispenses you from the rules of civics, decency and logic.

So, we continue to fight to protect women and their unborn children as we start another 40 Days For Life Campaign at the Abortion Clinic on Baseline and McClintock. You can support it by being a Sidewalk Prayer Warrior or join us to pray at the Aid to Women's Center Chapel, which is right next store to Planned Parenthood Clinic. The Chapel will have Eucharistic Adoration every Saturday 7am-Noon. Please visit: https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/tempe/ for more details and where to park. Please be mindful this is private property so you have to be careful where you park and where you stand on the sidewalks. The 40 Days For Life website will give you details and the expectations for a Peaceful Prayer Warrior.

Please go see the film and educate yourself on how the abortion industry harms women and those who support it are willing to deny women the same basic health care safeguards that they would insist on at a Veterinary Clinic.

The trampling of human decency, civility, common sense regulations and laws, the mistreatment of women and the complete destruction of anyone who opposes abortion, demonstrate to what lengths the pro-abortion side will go to protect the right to kill innocent children in the womb. That's nothing less than diabolical.

Love, Fr. John B.