Everyday Stewardship

11-25-2018Stewardship Reflection

On this last Sunday of Ordinary Time for the liturgical year, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. This feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925, at a time when the world was experiencing a rise of secularism, materialism, and individualism, and an increasing denial of Christ’s existence and authority.

The hope was that the establishment of this feast would accomplish three goals — that nations would see that the Church has the right to freedom, that leaders and nations would see that they are required to give respect to Christ, the King of kings and that the faithful would be strengthened and encouraged by the reminder that Christ must reign in our hearts, minds, wills, and bodies.

This feast is needed more than ever for all people and for us especially, as Christian stewards. It reminds us of three vital truths.First, even when it seems the world is spinning out of control, we need not fear because we have a King of kings who is very much in charge and who is loving, merciful and just. Second, if Christ is king of all, then He is also king of me, personally. I am not “lord” of my time, talents, and treasure. He is. I am a servant of the King and a steward of His gifts to me. Third, as His disciple, I am called to imitate my King. Christ’s kingship is characterized by humble service, by emptying Himself for the good of others, The Scriptures tell us He went about doing good and He says of Himself, “I came not to be served but to serve.” How can I live in any other way than as a humble servant like my King?