Joy Starts to Grow!

12-16-2018The Sisters Corner

Each week we are closer to His coming! ...and the joy starts to grow!! The third candle of our advent wreath is lite now. We want to continue sharing with you some of our traditions during this third week of Advent.

In some of our countries, we have the tradition to have “Posadas”. Families and neighbors gather together with special prayers and do a little sketch of the moment when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to stay the night when Jesus was born. We accompany this moment with joyful songs. Also, everyfamily brings something to share, like chocolate or “natilla con buñuelo” (a Colombian dessert) and many other sweets to share.

Another tradition that we have is to have a novena in our communities, for each day we have a special symbol to put in the Nativity that will help us to meditate and prepare ourselves. We have special prayers that we dedicate to St. Mary, St. Joseph and the child Jesus. We accompany these prayers with joyful songs that invite Jesus to come.

God is filling our hearts with His Joy, He’s the Gift for this Christmas, let’s all open our lives to the profound Joy that He wants to give us.

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