Come Jesus into my heart!

12-09-2018The Sisters Corner

Each week of Advent we have more and more the experience of how close the coming of Jesus is. As probably all of you do, we also decorate our houses with a nativity, with the Christmas tree and improving our decorations each week that pass, expressing our hope and joy, knowing that Jesus is closer now.

As the decorations start to appear in our home, our souls prepare for His coming; with retreats, liturgies and communitarian prayers and having personal ways to prepare a good place in our hearts to allow Jesus to be more in our hearts.

As it is probably for all of you, December is also full of activities and we can forget what is most important, but God is patient and kind. He is always there for us, waiting for us and waiting that we may give Him more space in our hearts

Let us all prepare our hearts and make it the best place to welcome Jesus in our souls.