Christmas is coming!

12-23-2018The Sisters Corner

How fast the time goes by and we can’t believe it is almost Christmas! As always, these days are full of many activities. And sometimes it can happenthat we finish Advent and we can see that our hearts are not as prepared as we would want them to be, but God is merciful and always gives us a newchance to come back and be with Him.

We, as Sisters, have consecrated our lives to the Lord and His mission. And just like you, we are involved in many activities. For that reason, we try to do things as a community to have our hearts be in the best disposition so we can receive more Christ in our hearts.

At night, we gather all together in prayer, sometimes in front of the Blessed Sacrament and/or with another kind of prayer. This helps us to silence our hearts of every exterior or interior distraction that we can experience, focusing instead on that night when the Mystery of God came to us as a little child. That’s the night when Joseph and Mary were trying to find a place to stay but all the people were distracted by many things, thinking about themselves, not realizing that God was knocking at their doors.

Let’s all open our hearts this night to God’s presence. Let’s give Him a place to stay more and more in our lives.

Have a blessed Christmas!