More about Our Charism

02-24-2019The Sisters Corner

The Servants of the Plan of God is a new religious community inspired by the Holy Spirit as an answer for this Third Millennium. We are a community of consecrated women who live the Full Apostolic Availability, living in community and giving ourselves to God through evangelization and solidarity inservice.

We are missionary sisters. We have houses in different parts of the world, in places where there is poverty and very different and difficult situations in which the sisters live on mission all the time. Some examples are: Ayacucho and Ayaviri (in the highlands of Peru), Angola (a country that suffered so much because of war), the Philippines, etc.

Jesus invited His disciples to be with Him and to send them on His mission to spread His Love and salvation to all the world. We have consecrated our entire lives to Him and His mission but it is important also to remember that this is a call for every Christian, according to his/her vocation. As we have announced today, we (OLMC) are going a mission trip to Lima (Peru). Join us in Peru or pray for us.