We Need to Live the Beatitudes

02-17-2019The Sisters Corner

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 5:3) Today Jesus taught us that if we want to live a joyful life we need to live the beatitudes. We can see many people in the world that are suffering so much: children, families, young people, elderly, etc. How can these beatitudes be possible in our lives? All we can see is how our brothers or sisters are suffering persecution and that Jesus has promised them that if theypersevere they will obtain the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our charism is to serve and announce God to everyone, but especially to those who are poor, who suffer, who are sick and those who are in need. This is a real blessing because we can see these beatitudes accomplished in the lives of many whom we serve: children with physical disabilities who show the joy andhope in the Lord to so many, poor people in the highlands of Peru whose greatest treasure is their faith, and people in the hospitals and houses for elderly people in Chile who offer their sufferings for Christ and others, etc.

We thank God that He gives us the opportunity to serve them and to be able to learn so much from them. We ask you for your prayers for all of our ministries around the world.