The Party Never Ends!

04-07-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

We just finished another successful Parish Festival. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our Super Raffle and Auction winners! And a very heartfelt special thanks to our Festival Executive Committee who worked long hours this past year to plan and execute our annual Festival. It is no small undertaking and a huge investment in time. So, thank you!

This year we changed things around a bit at the Festival, like making the Auctions a bit smaller that is, because we want to have a party twice a year now! So, mark your calendars for Saturday, November 9 for our first Night to Soar to be held at the Hackett House in Tempe.

Time now to update you on our Capital Campaign and Shea Family Charities Grant. In terms of the Together Let Us Go Forth/Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign we are at 99% of goal, about $15,000 short of reaching goal. (That’s just one $15,000 pledge or three $5,000 or fifteen $1000 - you get the point.) If you would still like to make a gift you can pick up a Pledge Card in the Church or go to our website and click on the Together Let Us Go Forth banner. And please remember this is a 5 year Pledge which means you have the next 5 years to pay it off.

So far we have been able, with the funds already collected, to install a new HVAC system in the Church and upgrade the electrical system that powers the HVAC. This includes installing new air handlers and AC condensers. Ironically the Air Handler that was installed 50 yrs ago is still in working order! However, because of the new high efficiency condensers that run without Freon the old system could not handle the newer AC units. The good news is the new HVAC system uses a lot less power than the older one. Just in time SRP sent notice of a 2% rate reduction! So, our electric bill should be considerably less. I’ll let you know. The cost of the new HVAC system and electrical work was 2,643,634,760.00 Vietnamese Dang but we paid in US dollars so it was only $114,000 US! Thanks for helping keep us all cool! The rest of the work inside the Church (sanctuary flooring, new Pulpit etc.) will be done probably summer of 2020.

Now we turn our sights to our School buildings and the Hall. The Shea Family awarded us a grant of $2.8 million to upgrade our School facilities. We are responsible for 20% or $565,000. The good news is that the portion of the Together Let Us Go Forth Campaign that was earmarked for the School will be put towards our 20% share. So, we start off with around $275,000 and we need to raise the remaining balance. If you would like to make a gift to that fund just visit our school website: and click on the Invest in our Future banner. There are also donation cards available in the Church. I especially appeal to those who have not donated to the Together Let Us Go Forth Campaign to consider making a gift to the Invest in Our Future Fund. If you would like to make arrangements to make your gift over the next few years please contact Deacon Jim at the parish office ( And remember, 100% of your gift will go towards our 20% of the Grant.

The work on our School buildings and Hall begins on May 24 and will continue through the summer. Some of the work to be done include upgrades to the electrical system, new AC units on the Preschool, School Admin Building, the Hall and 3 classrooms units that still need replacing. A new IT system will be installed which will allow greater and more targeted use of technology. Additional new restrooms will be added on the Field area, all buildings will have new roofs, each classroom will be remodeled with new flooring, lighting, countertops etc. A new paint job on the outside, upgrades to landscaping, plumbing, and fencing. Plus whatever else we find needs fixing! It is an ambitious effort over about 10 weeks but the contractors and suppliers are already lined up and ready to go.

Thank you for your stewardship of your Parish and Parish School. The sacrificial gifts that many of you have made towards the Campaign and the Shea Grant are going a long way to improving the infrastructure of our Campus which makes it so much easier to carry out our mission.

While we all can’t make an equal gift, we can all make an equal sacrifice. So, whether it was a $50,000 or $5000 or $50 gift when you walk on our campus or feel the cool air when you come to Church on a 110 degree day, think to yourself “I helped make all this happen” and love yourself that much more!

Fr. John B.

PS Because of construction we will not be able to host a Vacation Bible School or Summer School Program. But we are planning a few family summer events that incorporate some of the VBS fun. So stay connected to our website for details and dates!