A Voice from the Past

04-28-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

From the silence of retirement Pope emeritus Benedict speaks. Specifically, it was a written correspondence with a German Catholic publication on the subject of the Church scandals. And it is typical Ratzinger: crisp, clear, precise and insightful. As is his style, he steps back and takes the long view and asks the question, “how was it that such immoral and abusive behavior found its way into the priesthood and the Church?”


God is Mercy

04-28-2019The Sisters Corner

Today we celebrate the Divine Mercy and God invites us to fix our eyes in His heart, believe and accept His Love for each one of us.

We, as Servants of the Plan of God, have a very special devotion to the Child Jesus showing us His Mercy for humankind, it’s called Master of Mercy.

We share with you a prayer and an image of the Master of Mercy. We hope you enjoy it and help you to encounter God’s infinite love for you. We just need to be open to it!

Master of Mercy,
help me to embrace each day,
like a humble child,
the tokens of your love and mercy for me
that are tenderly symbolized by your
own heart held in your tiny hands.
Let it be that through the acceptance of your mercy,
I may learn from you to be
merciful to others.

Happy Easter!!

04-21-2019The Sisters Corner

God is risen! Today the joy of the Risen Lord fills our hearts in a very special way. God has risen from the dead and has saved us!

The Servants of the Plan of God pray for you and your family, so you may experience today the joy and power of Christ’s Resurrection.

May all of us be open today to this tremendous gift and share it with everyone, starting with our families and communities. Thereby God’s love can reign more and more around the world.

Debbie Downer

04-21-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Listening to the News you can’t help but hear things like: the economy is strong, unemployment is down, labor force participation rate is climbing, GDP is up and Stock Markets are very strong--------BUUUUT, in the same breath, the News reports, “there are signs the economy is cooling” or “recession is right around the corner, the whatever bubble is about to burst or the FED has to stave off hyper-inflation.” Jeez, talk about Debbie Downers. They want us all living on the edge of the Apocalypse. I guess so we will “stay tuned” for the next Armageddon. The Media just always has to be right even when they get it wrong. No “mea culpa’s”. The same can be said for the Weather Forecasters: today there is a 10% chance of rain. And then it doesn't rain and they can say, “well we told you it was only a 10% chance” or if it does rain, then they can say, “we told you there was a 10% chance of precipitation”. The media need you to believe that the apocalypse is nigh and it’s only a matter of time before we will be reduced to cannibalism or freeze or be boiled to death so that you will vote for their preferred candidates and espouse their radical chic doctrines and prove them right. Somehow it never occurs to them that if a man could rise from the dead, his power could have a dramatic effect on the trajectory of history, including the economy and the weather.



04-14-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

The friends of Jesus and his mother will make the journey this Holy Week to bring his lifeless body to his grave. In a similar way more families and friends than we can count are bringing their lifeless children to their graves, lifeless because of drug overdoses. Mostly but not exclusively, overdoses from opioids laced with fentanyl. You see in the world of illicit drug sales there is no quality control and satisfaction guaranteed equates with death. And now with the tightening on prescriptions for opioids and the reduction of their manufacturing, one of the unintended consequences is reduced availability of pharmaceutical grade drugs and that reduction is often being filled with heroin and fentanyl. And both are streaming across the border from Mexico at rates that could kill most of the US population.


Meet Anna

04-14-2019The Sisters Corner

My name is Anna Carochi. I am originally from Canon City, Colorado and have lived in Colorado my whole life until I left the Rocky Mountains and moved to the desert this past August. I moved here because I am a candidate with the Servants of the Plan of God and wanted to live closer to the community. I first met the sisters a few years ago when I did a missionary program called Christ in the City, and we went on a mission trip to Chile. I am now living with the sisters and preparing to do the communitarian experience this summer during the month of June. After the communitarian experience, if I feel confirmed that becoming a Servant is my vocation, I will then enter formation in July. My time living in Arizona has been truly blessed and I want thank all of you at Our Lady of Mount Carmel for your prayers and support.

Please continue to pray that I follow the Lord’s will for me life, and please be assured of my prayers as well!

Servants of the Plan of God

God’s Grace

04-07-2019The Sisters Corner

We are getting closer to Holy Week and to accompany Jesus in His Passion, Death and Resurrection. It is God who’s been leading us during this Lenten Season. His grace has been working in us and, if we are open, we can see the fruits of His grace and our cooperation in our conversion.

Dedicate some time during these last weeks to see what the Lord has been doing in you. Probably you can see that right now you are looking at your life and the lives of others more with the eyes of God. Probably you can see that the relationship with your family or coworkers has improved. Probably you can see that now God has been helping you to include more prayer time more in your life.

Some of these fruits can be visible right now, some of them maybe not, but He has been working in our souls in many mysterious ways.

Let’s remain open so God’s grace can help us to be closer to Him and more like Him.

The Party Never Ends!

04-07-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

We just finished another successful Parish Festival. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our Super Raffle and Auction winners! And a very heartfelt special thanks to our Festival Executive Committee who worked long hours this past year to plan and execute our annual Festival. It is no small undertaking and a huge investment in time. So, thank you!

This year we changed things around a bit at the Festival, like making the Auctions a bit smaller that is, because we want to have a party twice a year now! So, mark your calendars for Saturday, November 9 for our first Night to Soar to be held at the Hackett House in Tempe.