Abortion: the End Game

06-09-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

When the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles at Pentecost the results were incredible. The Spirit would not only change hearts and minds but cultures. For the Jew that meant leaving behind a way of life that had been practiced for generations. The Acts of the Apostles narrates the struggle they had with leaving behind the practice of circumcision, the Kosher dietary laws, the Jewish Ritual Purity practices and finally animal sacrifices. But for the Gentile convert the change was no less dramatic as it entailed leaving behind the practice of polygamy, same-sex behaviors, abortion and child sacrifice. Over the next 300 years the Holy Spirit-swept world would convert the Roman Empire from a Pagan culture to a Christian one that ascribed to Biblical values and norms.

That same Spirit sweeps across our land today. The Spirit has brought to light in cold, stark terms the real abortion agenda: abortion at any time, for any reason up to the moment of birth and if the child survives the abortion then the abortionist can legally finish him off. So also, now we see the Pro-Life agenda coming into clear focus: we do not want abortion legal at all. The Laws in Alabama, Missouri and Georgia are a response to the unrestricted abortion laws that have been passed
elsewhere. The contrast cannot be any starker.

Many on the Pro-Life side are bemoaning the fact that the strategy of "incrementalism" is being abandoned. Under that strategy, knowing the Federal Courts would not strike down Roe v. Wade in one fell strike, the objective was to place restrictions on abortion, thus limiting the number of abortions and at the same time offering pregnant women other alternatives to abortion and slowly whittle away Roe and its use. But now the time for euphemisms and Orwellian language that obscures the ugly truth of what abortion is, is over.

Abortion is not "women's health care" is not "reproductive rights" and a child is not "the product of conception". No, abortion is the intentional burning alive with saline solutions and then the dismemberment, limb by limb of an unborn child. And when it is too late for that procedure, then abortion is the intentional cutting of the spinal cord of an unborn child in the womb or the cutting of the spinal cord of a child partially out of the womb. Maybe if we stop hiding behind the jargon more people will be convinced of the humanity of unborn children. The facts of abortion can no longer be hidden. All the sophistry obscures the fundamental question of the humanity of the unborn child and perverts the science of biology. Incrementalism has dulled people's conscience. Just as US society had to confront the issue of the humanity of the slave now we will have to confront the issue of the humanity and personhood of the unborn child. On issues of universal justice, all must choose. So, rather than putting all our hopes in the Supreme Court, we need to put them in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I recently heard Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi state very emphatically, at a political function: "I am a devout Catholic and I love my faith dearly, I really do and I am fighting to protect a woman's reproductive rights". That is absolutely scandalous. It is well beyond the morally nonsensical "I personally oppose, but politically support" position of Catholic politicians in the past. What she is doing and I am sure it is her intention, is to give cover to other devout Catholics to support abortion or support politicians who do. 'Look at me, I am a practicing Catholic and I support abortion, so can you'. She knows very well that many Catholics today struggle to vote democratic because of the Party's unbending support of abortion. But you have to intentionally make yourself blind to think that abortion is some sort of gray area in Catholic moral teaching or a subject of prudential judgement like the death penalty. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states and Pope Francis has reiterated it time and again: abortion is a grave moral evil. To which the pro-abortionist taunts, "if you are opposed to abortion don't have one". That is the same line that the pro-slave holder said to the abolitionist, "if you are opposed to slavery than don't own one." It begs the question.

One of the beautiful prayers on Pentecost is the Sequence that follows the Second Reading. Part of it says:

Bend the stubborn heart and will
Melt the frozen, warm the chill
Guide the steps that go astray.

I pray that the Holy Spirit bends the stubborn heart and will of Catholics like Mrs. Pelosi who jeopardize their own salvation and lead others astray. May the Holy Spirit continue to sweep across our nation turning a culture of death into the culture of Life!

Fr. John B.

P.S. During the Summer the Aid to Women Center on Baseline has Adoration on Saturdays from 7am until Noon. Stop by to pray as Saturdays are when PP Clinic has its busiest abortion day.