Immaculate Heart of Mary

06-30-2019The Sisters Corner

This Saturday, June 29th we celebrated the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We want to honor this day talking a little bit about Mary’s heart of service. When reading the Visitation’s passage, we hear, if we silent our hearts, God telling us: “Like her”. “Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea.”

Mary understood her mission, which was to communicate Christ to others. She didn’t wait for somebody to tell her what to do, she didn’t think about it twice. She hurried and went to serve.

We are called to serve like her, who doesn’t seem to realize that she sacrifices herself, who doesn’t emphasize the service provided, who doesn’t tell others but serves quietly without other people knowing about what she is doing, as if she was the beneficiary.

What the world does, many times, by work, let us do it by true charity and consent of true humility, generosity and patience.

Lord, give us hearts for service. Help us to see Your face in others, specially in those who are in most need of your mercy.

Let us continue lifting up our prayers to our dear Mother, may she keep interceding for us in heaven through her Son, so that one day we can all go live with her in the Heavenly Kingdom.