Come Holy Spirit!

06-09-2019The Sisters Corner

Today we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost when we remember how Jesus fulfilled His promise of not leaving us alone. He is the one who enlightens us with the truth, the One who sets our hearts on fire to love Him and fills us with the zeal to announce Him. The Holy Spirit builds the Church; we would not have Jesus in the sacraments without His presence in our world!

As many of you might know, our religious community, started in 1998 in Peru. That year, Saint John Paul II had declared it the Year of the Holy Spirit. As everything in the Church, we know we were born because the Holy Spirit inspired this work, but being born in a year dedicated to Him, makes us be grateful to Him and love Him even more.

We are all invited to happiness through holiness and that is a great calling, beyond our mere strength. We have to thank God He sent us the Holy Spirit so that we would not be alone, so that like the first Christians who were transformed by the Holy Spirit from fearful apostles into courageous witnesses of Christ, we too may proclaim the Good News to all!