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The Politics of Waxing

07-28-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

One of the ideas that underpins Identity Politics is that rights, rather than being located in the individual are located in an identity group. And an Identity Group is a group that has some history of oppression or disenfranchisement. So, whether that is based on race/ethnicity, sexual preference, biological or non-biological gender identity, the identity group by virtue of being an identity group can claim to merit special favor from the government and society at large.

A problem that often arises is that the various groups can clash or compete for that favored status position. To avoid that, the groups have to learn to practice ‘intersectionality’. That is finding common ground and supporting each other’s right to overcome grievances. This often leads to a conflict with individuals and their rights. So, for instance, we have already seen the case of Jack Phillips, the baker who declined to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. In the world of Identity Politics, Phillips as an individual has no right to refuse service to a member of an identity group. In other words, their rights trump his. But, according to the rules of Identity Politics, he could refuse to make a cake with the words Jesus is Lord written on it, since people from Jesusland are not part of a recognized aggrieved identity group.

Now there is this. Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan, and still in full possession of his male genitalia, showed up at a British Columbia salon demanding to have his testicles waxed. The salon owner refused. He made such a stink that she ended up closing her business. In fact, 15 small businesses refused to wax his male genitalia. (Really? As a kid I used to watch my mother wax my grandmother’s chin, and ouch…) So Yaniv decided to sue for a violation of his rights in a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, claiming that the women who refused him service are forcing their beliefs on society. At one point in the hearing, Yaniv compared the business owner to a neo-Nazi. When all else fails use the Nazi or racist slur since you know the Gestapo hunted down women who refused to wax a man’s privates. Since the esthetician refused to touch a male’s private parts, she now must wear the newest Scarlet Letter: ‘T’ for transphobic.

What we are also seeing is the chaos caused by identity politics. Despite calls for ‘intersectionality’, competition for the position of most favored status with the government inevitably leads to conflict. So here we have a single mother, based on female gender she is part of an aggrieved identity group and another business owner who is a Sikh, a religious group that is often marginalized, and a transgender, also part of an identity group. Which identity group should win?

It would be nice if someone would tell this creepy person that it’s not ok to put a single mother who is running a small business to support her family, out of business just because you want your privates waxed. Who’s the real victim here? Besides I am sure there is some sadist in Canada that will gladly do the waxing.

Meanwhile on our side of the border, The Equality Act, recently passed in the House by unanimous vote of Democrats. It has provisions for requiring all public restrooms, showers, and dressing areas be gender neutral, that any male claiming self-id as a girl be allowed to compete against women in sports and that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act be disallowed as a defense of refusing to provide service for reasons of conscience. The bill fortunately languished in the Senate. But the House Dems are doubling down on the issue which means at this point the Trans Identity Group is winning out against Feminists, Gays, Blacks, Immigrants and Muslims. We even heard it in the first Democratic Presidential Debate from Julian Castro during which he noted his ferocious, heroic, epic support for abortions for transgendered persons.

Then there is the case of the transgendered man who went to the ER complaining of severe abdominal pain. It turns out the she was pregnant. The last thing the physicians were looking for in a person who appeared to be male. By the time they figured it out, the baby had perished. So, if I say I am a man, I am a man, my health be damned. Sad and dangerously delusional.

The irony here is that the Trans Identity Group claims to lack the privilege that other groups have. Really? When you can command that a woman wax your testicles over her objections and bring the full force of the government to support you, that would put you in a very privileged position.

Be sure to read the Vatican’s new document, Male and Female He Created Them: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education, especially the Introduction, it’s a bulwark against this insanity.


Fr. John B

PS: After last week’s letter about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, my mother reminded me that by then we no longer had rabbit ears on our TV but that my father had installed an antenna on the roof. I hadn’t realized how bourgeoisie we had become by 1969!