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Funny or not so Funny?

09-15-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

A sure sign that our society is not in a good way is the lack of a sense of humor. The ability to laugh at ourselves with all our idiosyncrasies helps us not take ourselves so seriously and reminds us there is another way of looking at things. Today a comic like Don Rickles would be chased off the planet for the way he poked fun at every ethnic and racial group under the sun. Such is the poisonous nature of identity politics.

It started in earnest during the last Administration. A few times I wrote somethings, tongue in cheek about former President Obama and afterwards received some stinging emails: no, no, no, don't poke fun at the Messiah. Then it kicked into high gear with the inauguration of President Trump. One parish told me that after praying at Mass for the new President upon his inauguration an irate parishioner called the Parish Office very upset and told them, “how dare you pray for that man, you never prayed for Obama”. Actually, they did pray for Obama on his two inaugurations as well as Bush, Clinton, etc. In fact, Catholic parishes in the US have been praying for the new president ever since Archbishop Carroll gave the Invocation at the Inauguration of President George Washington. A lack of charity and a dearth of humor makes me wonder if she was baptized in pickle juice?

In the latest death knell to a sense of humor, the satirical website Babylon Bee has been hammered by Snopes, which is a fact-checking organization. Babylon Bee is clearly satire but that hasn't stopped Snopes from rating many of its stories as “mostly false” or fake news. Fact-checking satire, how stupid is that! Babylon Bee mocks everything, in good taste, from politics to Christians, to society in general. Stories with headlines like: “Church starts support group for women temporarily widowed during Football Season” and “Nation's Homeschoolers excited to participate in bring your Bible to School Day” or “Study finds most Sin a result of not having enough coffee in your system” are frequently found on

Snopes apparently doesn't find it necessary to fact check the stories that poke fun at Christians, republicans or Jews but draws the line at satire directed to sacred leftist causes such as: “Nation begs Jesus to return before Democrats 7-hour Townhall on Climate Change”, or “Buttigieg: Life begins when a person registers as a Democrat” or “Ocasio-Cortez appears on the ‘Price is Right’, Guesses everything is free” and “Bernie Sanders arrives in Hong Kong to lecture protestors on how good they have it under Communism”, and “Demanding to know why he allowed Trump to get elected, Dems subpoena God” or “L, G, T, Q, +, Execute B for implying there are only two genders” and “Biden claims he was there 3,000yrs ago when Isildur took the Ring and the strength of men failed”.

To be fair, the Babylon Bee mocks all things to the right as well. “Trump announces he was born of a virgin and will bring balance to the force”, and “Trump rewards himself for great job this week with ‘World’s Best President’ mug from Whitehouse gift shop” and my favorite “Mueller reminds Congress Report doesn't exonerate Trump from assassination of President Lincoln”.

Then there are these favorites: “Mother seeks surgery to remove VBS Song lodged in her brain”; “Man interrupts Worship Song to call out Grammatical Errors on Lyric Slide”; “Woman sitting directly under Church air-conditioning vent freezes into a solid block of ice”; “Calvinist Church host Bingo Nite, Just selects winners ahead of time”; “Church Ushers roam aisles asking if anyone needs a Pillow”; “Inconsiderate Pastor holds Church Service same day NFL plays”; “Church Service goes into record 7th Overtime”; “Conffirmed: Anyone you run over while trying to get to Church on time goes straight to heaven”; “Pope apologizes for Church’s Carbon Emissions from burning heretics at stake”; “Death Penalty still permissible for people who drive slow in the left lane, clarifies Pope Francis”; “Mega Church introduces Frequent Tither Rewards Card”; “Back Pew voted best spot in Church, 58yrs running”; “Local Church introduces Introvert Service, where nobody has to talk to anyone else”.

And finally, “Congregation pleads with God to take away Pastor’s Spiritual Gift of Puns.” Laughter the best medicine, still.


Fr. John B.

PS Road construction will soon begin at Rural and Southern for a few months. Do your best to avoid the intersection. You can access the US 60 from McClintock or Mill.