Sharing Our Love for God With Others

10-06-2019The Sisters Corner

It is so wonderful to see the variety of ministries that we have at OLMC. God has blessed our parish with people that have so many different gifts and talents. Next weekend God is asking us to put them in service to others.

Why do I need to volunteer? - you may be wondering.

When we encounter God, we discover the necessity of communicating his love to others. God’s love can’t stay in one person only, God’s love desires to dwell in the hearts of all men. These other people we can communicate his love can be our closer relatives, parents, children, and even people we’ve never met before! The people we serve in the different ministries, are not strangers. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we are called to help them in their journey of faith.

For us, it has been very touching to see how many people in this parish are committed in their faith and look to serve God in any way they can. They are not afraid of giving their time or money; they only want to expand God’s kingdom.

This has been an encouragement for us to continue giving our lives to His purpose and to continue working unceasingly for His Plan to be fulfilled in this world. But as you know, “the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few” and God needs more hands. Let us respond to God’s call to be stewards of his love. We will find joy in serving and God will multiply our efforts.