Leaving with a Grateful Heart

10-13-2019The Sisters Corner

Time Flies!!! My time in Tempe has come to an end. As many of you know, I came to Arizona in order to prepare for my formayion as a Servant. It has been almost two months since I arrived to the sunny desert. Now I get to continue to the next step and move to the forma!on house in Peru. I am very excited for this new phase where I will be able to continue answering the Lord’s calling to serve him.

The time with the Sisters has been above and beyond. I have learned a lot about what it means to give your life to God, to give your everything to the service of others, but also, to see what it means to do so as a Servant of the Plan of God.

I am also very, very grateful for the gift the Lord gave me to come to this wonderful community and parish. Here, I have been able to meet many amazing people. I am so edified with your testimonies. In very little time, I was able to see your love and devotion for God. Whether at the school or the parish, I perceived your willingness to serve the Lord and to serve others. I saw the Church and the love of God alive within your hearts. Thank you all for your warm welcome, your kind words, for offering me your friendship and overall thank you for your prayers.

Know that I keep you all in my heart as well as in my prayers, and I continue to ask you to please keep me in yours! See you in the Eucharist.

May the Lord bless you always!