11-24-2019The Sisters Corner

Thanksgiving is coming up and to whom else to give our greatest thanks than God? The Lord gives us so much every day; what should we do in His return?

This past Saturday, many families, teenagers and children from our parish gathered in McCready Hall to pack food for our brothers and sisters in need.

When you entered the room, you would see a big line of people waiting to start their turn. It was so good to see the love and generosity that was shared in there.

After packing, families took a number of boxes and distributed them to their assigned houses. When they arrived to the house, they met the families, prayed together and spent some time with them. Some of the people that we met would even open up their hearts and shared their stories. These people are God’s beloved children and He calls us to be His hands so that His love can be shared with them.

On this day, the Lord asked us to look beyond ourselves, to take one step further. There is a special and unique joy that comes from serving others, that comes from giving up your time so that others can benefit from it and I think that all the families experienced this after the morning had finished.

We thank Saint Vincent the Paul as well for all the efforts organizing this event and for giving our parish the opportunity to experience love through service.