Thanksgiving is here and this is a time of giving thanks.

12-01-2019The Sisters Corner

If we quiet our hearts for some minutes, we will find so many reasons to acknowledge the blessings that God has given us.

But why do I need to give thanks? I give thanks when I acknowledge the fact that everything I have, starting with my life, has been freely given to me. I give thanks when I realize that I haven’t earned the most important things in my life like: family, vocation, children; everything has been provided to me by the loving heart of God.

We are sure, as well, that during this year, there had been difficult moments too. It is not easy to give thanks to God when we are going through times like those.

The Lord wants us, in this season, to be able to see these moments with His eyes. He is capable of transforming the most painful moments into moments of light, because it is there where our faith is strengthened, because it is there when we are weak that He becomes our strength.

We as a community, give thanks to the Lord, for our vocation to be Servants of the Plan of God and for calling us to serve here in this beautiful parish: Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We give thanks for all the people we serve here and every person that has come into our lives, you all are the reason why God brought us here.