Special prayer request!

12-08-2019The Sisters Corner

You might have already read Fr. John’s letter from last week where he explained how our community is holding our General Assembly, so hopefully you are already praying for us! Just in case you missed his letter, we wanted to share with all of you a bit more about this special time for our community.

If you are familiar with how religious congregations work, you might know that every five years a General Assembly, also called a Chapter, is called to discuss important matters of the congregation and elect the new government for the next five years. This is a big thing, but for us, Servants of the Plan of God, it is even more important because being a new community with only 21 years of existence, this is our first ever General Assembly and the first time we get to choose our leaders for the General Counsel.

Having said that, please keep in your prayers the 40 sisters who will be meeting between the 7th and the 20th of December in Lima, Peru. Specially because Sr. Maria Jose and Sr. Monica will be there joined by all the other perpetual professed sisters of our order discussing and working on the future of our community and then choosing our authorities. We have been preparing and praying for this Assembly for a long time, so we are very excited about this happening now! Please keep us in your prayers during this Advent with this intention in mind.