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03-22-2020Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

A friend of mine recently said to me, “you realize we are living at a point in history when there are two popes and a plague. Medieval, huh?”  That sounds right. You would have to go back to the 1300’s for the last time that convergence of events occurred. Of course, back then there were popes and anti-popes and the Black Plague. So, if you ever wondered what it was like to be a medieval man, well you’ve gotten your taste. The good news about living in 2020 despite a pandemic that seems medieval is that we will get through it quicker and with less lethality than past pandemics. But we have to get through it. And that is the challenge we all face.

Thursday, a week ago I had a familiar sinking feeling that brought me back to the morning of 9/11. I’ve told you this story many times. That morning after dropping her son off at our School, Donna Bird came running over and with panic in her voice said, “Father, I think my husband is in that building.” And there followed two weeks of a lot of questions with no answers. Frantically searching the lists of the wounded and dead that were being published, calling hospitals and morgues. Until the reality became clear: Gary would not be coming home. Like then, we all have lots of questions that don't really have good answers, flying by the seat of our pants and the situation changes daily even hourly some times. That of course leads to frustration and finger pointing, all of which are pretty useless at this point. So, as my British friends often say, “keep calm and carry on.”

I would add to that pray and laugh, a lot. Do yourself a favor and limit the amount of news that you watch or read. By now we know the rules: social distancing, good hygiene, healthy eating and proper rest. If you get sick call your physician and get instructions on what to do. I realize that many of you are stuck in the house with children and teens who are getting antsy and bored. So please remember the 5th Commandment: thou shall not kill. As one parent told me, now that she is basically home-schooling her kids, with on-line help, she has suspended one kid from school and expelled both her teenagers!

The fact is none of us was prepared for this, at least emotionally and it also hits us spiritually. We are social creatures and we flourish and thrive in community. Now that this is pretty much cut off or severely limited, we are feeling it big time. So, try to stay connected, calling each other, on-line meeting and watching funny movies.

Here at the Parish we will do our best to stay connected to you. I have to say it is very disconcerting not having Sunday gatherings. But we will Live Stream our Sunday Mass at 10:30am on Sunday and other happenings as well as updating our webpage often and our FB page and Instagram. But most of all we will be praying for you and your intentions daily.

As the old Gospel song says, “we’re all in the same boat, brother”. And like the apostles in the boat as the storm began to rage, they panicked, all the while Jesus was asleep, and cried out, “Lord, save us”. Jesus of course admonished them for their fear, knowing all the while He was with them and they should have had more confidence. Well Jesus is still with us and we still cry, “Lord, save us”. Have confidence in Him. Let Him reassure you that He is here with us.

We will get safely to that other shore! See you then.


Fr. John B.