The Sisters Corner

Enjoy re-reading the weekly reflections from the Sisters of The Servants of the Plan of God.

Meet Sister Po-Yee

12-27-2020The Sisters Corner

Hello brothers and sisters! I am Sister Po-Yee Yeung. I was born in Hong Kong, SAR, grew up in Toronto, Canada, and studied in Arlington, USA. I entered the community the Servants of the Plan of God almost 6 years ago. I had been serving in an elementary and secondary school for children and youth with physical handicap, The Joy in the Lord, in Lima, Peru.

My heart is $lled with joy and excitement the moment that I received the news of my new mission here in the United States. In the depth of my heart, being sent to USA is like returning home, for I have spent most of my life time in North America (Toronto, Canada) before I entered the Servants of the Plan of God in Peru. Though I have learned to speak in Spanish, I honestly feel like there are words unexpressed when it comes to share with the others the Beauty and Love of God. I am eager to share with you freely my friendship with Jesus and praise with you the Love and Mercy of God. Most of all, I hope to walk with you in this journey of faith, hope, and love. Count on my prayers and my company. Merry Christmas!