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A Harmful Transition

01-30-2021Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

One of the very first executive orders President Biden issued was on the topic of transgenderism. How is it that this issue has risen to the top of our society so quickly and with such force behind it? Maybe I am misreading the US public but it doesn't seem like an issue that majorities were clamoring to be addressed by the new President in his first hours in office.

The issue of transgenderism or more specifically gender dysphoria affects about .03% of the population. Those who struggle with it deserve our love and care and the best medical sciences can offer them as well as emotional, mental and spiritual support. For some reason the current push is all in one direction: finding ways, medically that enable a person to transition from one sex to the other. This includes the use of hormones and surgeries such as mastectomies and hysterectomies for biological women and removal of the penis for biological men. This is being done despite the clinical and medical evidence that these treatments are physically harmful, have long-term negative health outcomes and based on long term research as well as the experience of those who have undergone such treatments, do not offer long term and lasting solutions.

Good and ethical medical research, science and treatment seeks the best possible outcomes for people’s health and well-being. And much of the clinical research continues to show that the problem is in the mind and not the body. Yet what is being offered is only to treat the body and anyone who dissents or offers alternative solutions is blacklisted or cancelled and labelled as transphobic. This includes physicians and researchers who try to offer less invasive therapies or who point to the long-term negative outcomes of hormone use and surgical interventions.

So how did it become such a defining issue? Well like so many issues we should follow the money. And what you find is that the issue of how to care for the transgendered is not being driven by what is in their best interest or how medical or psychiatric practitioners can best assist those with gender dysphoria.

The transgendered really represent a market opportunity as well as a useful tool to socially engineer society towards totalitarianism. Former President Obama, called transgenderism, “the civil rights issue of our time”. But it is not, for all the talk of human rights it is really another way venture capitalism can succeed. Who are the big backers? Not hard to figure out: Big Pharma (each trans person represents a lifetime prescription for hormones) and medical infrastructure producers (transgendered persons will need to go to a clinic regularly if they are to remain so and deal with the lifelong side effects of surgeries and drugs.) Think of all the money that can be made off of human eggs, sperm, vaginas for men, penises for women, transplantable wombs, synthetic breast milk. All of this is assisted by Big Tech and Corporations who help prop up the Gender Identity Industry.

Simply put a lot of money can be made off of people’s suffering. This is not the ethics that allow for human "flourishing and prevent harm but the immoral greed that drives so much investment. This is why Corporations, Banks and now Retailers “care” about inclusivity and diversity. It is why you are bombarded with the issue from where your shop to where you bank. Transforming human beings has big profit margins.

And so, the Banks, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Medical Industry, Big Corporations and the anti-human/trans-human ideologues push governments to enact laws and policies that disallow dissent on the issue, force changes to health insurance plans, workplaces, schools, sports and the standard of care in medicine. So far, governments and International organizations like the UN are going along obediently. During an interview Joe Biden stated that, “if an eight or ten-year old boy wants to become a girl than he should be allowed”. Does he know what he is saying? Does he realize the implications of such a statement? Already in some countries children are being removed from their parent’s custody if their parents refuse to permit their child to undergo medical transitioning. Is this what we are looking at here? Is that what he was implying?

Keep your eyes and ears open and don't believe the lie that is being told to you. Stating that transgender medical, hormonal, surgical treatment is damaging and harmful to individuals is not an act of hate. Offering them help to conform to their biological identity may not be quick and easy like surgery but it offers the best hope for freedom from a life of suffering and pain.

Love, Fr. John B.