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Cultural Chaos

03-06-2021Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

So, who needs women? That’s not a complaint of a misogynist. And specifically, I mean biological women. Researchers are already promising a future where biological women are not needed for reproduction. And phrases like “women who are born female” and “women who are not biological males” are now part of our lexicon. And yes, many of you are getting into trouble because you incorrectly used the wrong pronoun or got philologically tripped up with this new vocabulary.

The word woman now encompasses a wide spectrum of people including those born biologically female and those born biologically male but transition to the category of women. This means that those who are transgendered women should be considered women in every way, not the equivalent of women or not like women but are women in fact, in law, in custom and to say otherwise is evidence of bigotry. This is the push of the transgendered activists, the Transgender Medical Industry and the thrust of the Equality Act recently passed by the US Congress.

The Equality Act adds the issue of gender identity to the list of protected categories. The Act even voids the Religious Freedom Restoration Act removing protections for people of faith and faith-based institutions. The Act, whether intentional or not, in effect wipes out the category of women as a protected class and permits discrimination based on gender if that in any way affects someone’s gender identity. The Act forbids a woman born female to make a claim against a woman born biologically male.

So, for instance, in the arena of Women’s Sports competitions, a woman who was not born female can compete with women who were born female. No longer are Women’s Sports Programs to be confined to women who are not biological males. Hence you can discriminate against women who are born biological women in favor of women not born biological women. Why have Women’s Sports at all?

The Equality Act effectively erases the category of biological sexes as we have known them for all of history. So that the psychic dysfunction of some men can be alleviated, the category of women is being upended, completely redefined and in the process women who were not born biological males are being dehumanized. In the end the Equality Act is the government deconstructing the human person and making the rest of us agree with the erasure of biological sexes with the force of the highest law in the land.

Right now, there are tens of thousands of young girls who have set up a GoFundMe page so they can pay for mastectomy’s and hysterectomy’s and erase their femininity. There are currently 67 “Youth Gender Clinics” in the US (a little more than a decade ago there were none) including Phoenix Children’s Hospital Gender Management Services. And Planned Parenthood is capitalizing on the vulnerable once again by offering puberty blocking drugs and hormones (which must be taken for life) to young people and making a lot of money doing so and they can do it in most cases without parental consent or knowledge. And because of the indoctrination from the media, from Hollywood and the curriculum in many schools, young people are jumping on the trans-train as if it's the latest fad. But what they don't realize is that it is not dressing up goth or even in drag, it is a permanent, disfiguring choice and you can’t easily change these new clothes. They show up at a PP Clinic and ask for the hormones and are not counseled or helped to explore their choice or understand the implications but given a script and off they go to alter themselves permanently. How good are teens at thinking ahead? Sadly, many of these clinics play on a teen’s need for rebellion, their sense of invincibility and inability to think long term and postpone gratification.

A person may decide not to go along with all this but if the Equality Act becomes law, they will have no choice in the matter. If you don't go along with this redefinition of the human person you will be guilty of a civil rights violation akin to racial discrimination. Even without the force of law, many of you are already forced to go along with this ideology in the work place for fear of losing your job not to mention getting put in Facebook/Twitter jail. And if you are a parent with a child with gender dysphoria and seek an alternative to hormones and surgery you will most likely lose custody of your child.

What we are witnessing is ideology gone haywire with the assistance of big corporations making lots of money off of others suffering. Those two combined makes transgendered ideology a force like we have never witnessed. Rather than carve out targeted protections for transgenders, the Equality Act does away with biological sex and enthrones non-biological sex/gender as the norm in society.

Transgenderism is no longer a small niche category affecting a small portion of the population. It is now consuming all of us and radically altering our reality, expecting us to pretend we don't see the lie, and worst of all doing a tremendous, painfilled amount of harm and permanent damage to young people who need guidance in their confusion and not confirmation of their delusion.

Will the adults in the room please stand up and do something?

Love, Fr. John B.