Happy Solemnity of The Mother of God!

12-31-2017The Sisters Corner

Happy Solemnity of The Mother of God and Happy New Year!

Many things to remember!! As we finish this year, we can see the love of God in everything that we have lived... He's been a Good Father to us! 

We would like to share some blessings that we have received:

The gift of celebrating our first year in the US and in our beautiful mission home here at OLMC.

  1. The gift of having the Blessed Sacrament in our convent’s Chapel.
  2. The gift of having our sisters with us. 
  3. The gift of having two more sisters!! Sr. Maria Gracia and Sr. Alejandra. Now we are 7!!
  4. The gift of working in OLMC school and pre-school.
  5. The gift of serving God through our different ministries
  6. The gift of receiving, in many different ways, God's love through your company and support.
  7. The gift of had having our General Superior with us this year.
  8. The gift of the different blessings upon our family during this year.
  9. The gift of living another Christmas with you!

Thank You God for all the beautiful gifts!! Thanks for Your love and helping us to be always aware of Your presence and action between us.