Special prayer intentions

07-21-2019The Sisters Corner

We are always grateful for your prayers for us, but on this weekend we want to ask all of you for special prayers since there are so many things happening at the same time. Sr. Cristina and Sr. May will be in Tucson at the Steubenville Youth Conference with two of our youth ministers and 28 High School Teens. This will be a very special occasion for teens in our parish to encounter the truths of their faith in a youthful and joyful way. Please pray for all of them so that they may have a meaningful encounter with Jesus.

On this same weekend, Sr. Monica and Sr. Maria Jose are starting a 7-day silent retreat in Peru where they will join Sisters from around the world for their annual spiritual exercises. As Sisters we look forward to this moment of the year when God calls us to take the time to stop all of what we are doing and focus on Him. This is always a very special moment in which we renew our encounter with God and the mission He entrusts us.

Remember Anna?...the young girl who was living with us here in Arizona. After almost two years of discernment and having visited Peru twice she has seen that God may be calling her to be a Sister and she is giving the next step in her discernment by moving into the Formation Center in Lima, Peru to start her formation as a Servant of the Plan of God. This is also happening this Sunday!

So, now that you know a bit more what we are up to, please remember all of us in your prayers!