06-21-2020The Sisters Corner

In today's Gospel the Lord mentions "not to fear" several times. Being afraid is a common feeling. Everybody has experienced fear at least once in their lives. We fear when we feel threatened by something or someone. There is also a good type of fear and is actually one of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit: FEAR of the Lord; this is a type of fear that instead of drawing us away it drew us closer to God because we fear being away from Him.

What type of fear is the Lord talking here?

Obviously He is taking about the first one. "Do not be afraid" - He says, but, afraid of who? - Of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. God has created us and has given us a body and a soul. Sometimes it is easier to forget about the "soul part" and look more at the body part because is what we can see. However, the Lord is asking us to look a little bit deeper on what is really is important. He is asking us to see the world with different eyes, the type of eyes that not only see what we can touch or feel but the type of eyes that see beyond.

The most important things in life are not things we can see just with our normal eyes but with the eyes of the heart: love, for example.

The Lord wants us to be authentic Christians who live their lives from the inside, touching the experience of being loved by Christ all the time and in that experience build our daily life.

Dear friends, there is no other way to holiness, there is no other way to happiness but with the Lord alone. Let us ask Him to give us the grace to see everything that we live with the eyes of the heart, with eyes that look beyond.