It's Been a Year

10-29-2017The Sisters Corner

It's been a year since we arrived in the US, and we are so thankful that God has given us many so many blessings throughout the year. It seems like only yesterday and yet at the same time,  many wonderful things have happened in our lives and in this wonderful mission.

Since the beginning, we have felt the love of God and His unconditional love through the presence of many people. We also remember with gratitude, how some of you welcomed us at the airport and those, who in different ways, have given us the support for our needs both before we arrived and during this past year.

In the Plan of God, He has given us the opportunity to serve His mission here and to experience  beautiful encounters with Him through children, teenagers, families, and people with varied needs. 

We join our voices and hearts to the psalmist: "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good"   Psalm 107:1 He has been good with all his servants!

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The Holy Spirit has been always with us!

10-22-2017The Sisters Corner

The year our foundation was formed was the year dedicated in the Church to the Holy Spirit. We have discovered in ourselves, a special relationship with Him through these 19 years of our foundation and of course now with this new foundation in the U.S.

He is the One who called us here to serve. We have seen during this first year just how He has been leading us. Thus giving us the grace to fulfill this beautiful mission here.


Our Mission in the USA!

10-08-2017The Sisters Corner

Soon it will be a year since we arrived in the USA and opened our new foundation here. We are so very thankful to God for all His blessings. Individually we have been serving in different ministries in OLMC Parish and School: Religious Education, Pastoral Care, Full Circle, Bridges, RCIA, teaching in the school and preschool and serving at the Newman Center at ASU. We have experienced the grace and love of God during this time and we ask Him to continue helping us in this mission that is His Mission.

Sisters in the School!

09-24-2017The Sisters Corner

This year is our community’s first year teaching at the OLMC school. There are two sisters teaching. One teaches Religion classes to the 8th graders and the other is teaching Spanish classes.  

One of the things that Jesus spent time doing throughout His life was teaching. He taught about who He was and how much God loves us.  His testimony came not only with His words but through His actions. We ask Jesus for the grace to follow in His steps, seeking to spread His love to all the students at the school. 

It is such a beautiful experience to share with the OLMC teachers and staff alike the opportunity to help the students feel the Lord’s presence in our school. 

We give thanks to God for this beautiful mission!

Sisters in the preschool!

09-17-2017The Sisters Corner

This is our first year as a community in the OLMC Little Lambs Pre-school. Two of our sisters are teaching here. One of our sisters is the assistant teacher in the 3 year old classroom and the other sister is teaching Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to all of the children in the preschool.

For us as a community it proven to be a very beautiful experience affording us the privilege to love and teach the ones that Jesus loves more: the children. It has also allowed us to learn from the children’s simplicity and their capacity to wonder even at the simplest of things. That same wonder which surprises us still encourages us to open our hearts from the smallest to the largest of gifts that Jesus offers us daily.

We give thanks to God for this wonderful gift!

The Experience of RCIA

09-10-2017The Sisters Corner

For me to assist in the RCIA program means to be a witness sharing the history of Salvation through God with each of His little sons and daughters. It’s always special to see how the Lord knocks at the door of the catechumens and candidates speaking in the language that they can understand, inviting them to; come into the Church and to have a closer relationship with Him.

Saturday, Aug 26th, we kicked off RCIA 2017-18 (this year) with an opening retreat.  We reflected on the question, "Who is God?" The following Sunday’s Gospel, Peter also reflected on Who is God; this is a personal question, every  one of us needs to answer in our own hearts.  Who is God for me? What place does  He have in my life? I think the process of RCIA assists in answering that question, working towards allowing Him to guide your mind, your heart and your daily decisions.

The joy and peace that the catechumens and candidates find when they discover that they have; a merciful Father that truly loves them, a Savior that gave all His blood to save them, and a Holy Spirit that constantly gives them the grace to persevere in following the Lord’s steps; is a treasure that no one can ever take from them.

Taking Our Lady to the Homebound

08-27-2017The Sisters Corner

As you all know, we are in the 100th Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. Fr. John procured a statue of Our Lady and She has been visiting the families of our Parish bringing so much joy and peace into their homes.

We, the Ministers of Care, wanted to do the same for the homebound of our Parish. So the ministry acquired a smaller statue of Our Lady of Fatima and, since May, Our Lady has been reaching out to our homebound! We are grateful for the generosity of the Ministers of Care Ministry.

Our homebound have been very happy for the visit of Our Lady’s statue to their homes. Some of the patients have enjoyed praying the rosary, or a decade of the rosary. Some also have had the opportunity to have Her in their homes for a few days thus gaining the plenary indulgence. Our dear homebound have definitely felt very special, grateful and blessed.

Please keep praying for this beautiful ministry!

Sr. Maria Alejandra

Religious Education with Sr. Cristina

08-13-2017The Sisters Corner

My name is Sr. Cristina, the mission that God has given to me here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the Religious Education program.

I’m extremely happy to serve God through the children. As the director, I am blessed to be able to see how all of the children are open to receive God’s love. I believe God has a Plan for everybody. The children and their families alike. Participating in the Vacation Bible School program was for me a big example of that.

I believe that the Religious Education here at Mt. Carmel is not only a ministry for the children but for the whole family. We want to build a community who, together can strengthen our faith and together live with joy the Good News of the Gospel.

I was in prison...

07-16-2017The Sisters Corner

“I was in prison and you came to see me” (Mt 25:35)

A few years ago, God invited us to visit Him through the women that were in prison. In our weekly visits, we sought to take them the mercy and closeness of God, who always looks at us as His children and believes in us. We gave them spiritual company and catechesis. We ask you for special prayers so they can always feel the company of Christ in their lives.

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Jesus, Our Strength

07-09-2017The Sisters Corner

Continuing with what we shared last week about our chapel, we would like to share some thoughts about a few of the symbolisms that our chapel has. In almost all our chapels we usually use 2 materials: rock and wood. With those 2 materials, we want to show how our life and apostolate is to be.

As you look at the picture(in the bulletin), you can see the Lord is in the center of a stone wall. Our Lord is our rock and the foundation of our lives. Sometimes there are moments of joy and difficulties but the Lord is there, supporting us with His grace; the strength that we need for our own lives and in the service of others. Each stone in this wall is different and unique, in our community it is the same, each sister is unique and the Lord unites us as one heart.

We strive to remember that as the Lord is the Rock that has sustained our lives, His heart is always opened to us and giving of His love. The wood of our chapel seeks to remind us of this truth: His love is both strong and soft at the same time. We seek to serve others with these same two characteristics.

Please pray for us that we can always be opened to this special grace that Jesus gives us in the Blessed Sacrament, so we can always have Him in the center of our hearts and as the source of our apostolate.

Our Apostolate …Our Chapel

07-02-2017The Sisters Corner

And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. (John 14:13)

Today we want to share with you some good news! A month ago we inaugurated our chapel in our house. Jesus in the Eucharist is the daily source of our life and consecration, that’s why we have everyday moments of prayer (alone or in community) in which we want to seek and strengthen our friendship with the Lord as we pray for all the intentions that people ask us to pray.

If you have any intention that you want us to pray for, please let us know don’t hesitate to tell us directly or by email.